What is the most useless feature in Wordpress

Cleaner plugin installer for WordPress

If you want to install a new plugin in WordPress via the backend, the same plugins (Jetpack, Buddy Press, Theme Check, etc.) are always displayed. Firstly, this slows down the loading time of the page, secondly you are looking for a specific plugin - and that is very likely not one of the suggested ones, nor will it be found via the keyword cloud. David Decker has created a solution for us plugin searchers and installers: Cleaner Plugin Installer.

The standard “add plugin” page with irrelevant tiles, useless keyword cloud and a small search box.

Cleaner plugin installer

The small plug-in (72KB) by David Decker frees the overloaded plug-in page from unnecessary ballast and puts the search function in the center - literally. After activating the Cleaner Plugin Installer, your “Add Plugin” page will no longer display any tiles or keyword cloud. The space gained is used by the search function, which is larger and centrally located in a user-friendly manner.

The “Add Plugin” page optimized by the Cleaner Plugin Installer: User-friendly, the focus is on the main function.

More features of Cleaner Plugin Installer

The tiles only disappear from the search page, they are retained on the results pages after the search. The plugin adds little gimmicks here, so you can specify how many plugins should be displayed per results page (the default is 24). There is also a mouse-over effect. In any case, the plugin search field directly in the dashboard is more practical. This saves you one click and you can search for a plugin for your WordPress site directly after logging in.

Conclusion: For all WordPress bloggers who occasionally to frequently install new plugins, this plugin is a relief: It accelerates the search and is more clearly structured. We particularly like the search field in the dashboard.