What is the confidentiality of emails

Outlook: Mark emails as confidential

Roland Freest

You can mark messages as confidential in Outlook. In this case, the recipient of the mail will then receive a corresponding message.

EnlargeOutlook: Mark emails as confidential

Click on "New Email" to open a new, blank form. Make sure that the "Message" ribbon is active and click on the small arrow pointing downwards to the right in the "Markers" section. In the following window “Properties” you will find the drop-down menu “Confidentiality”, the default setting is “Normal”. If you now switch to "Personal" and confirm the setting with "Close", the text "Please consider this matter as personal" appears in the upper part of the message for the recipient. With the help of “Private” you generate the message “Please consider this matter private”; with “Confidential” the recipient reads: “Please consider this matter confidential”.

EnlargeIf you mark an e-mail as personal, private or confidential in Outlook, the software inserts a note in the header of the message.

You can make the setting permanent by going to “Options” and “E-Mail” in the “File” menu, scrolling down to “Send messages”, making the desired setting next to “Standard level for confidentiality” and then clicking “OK” " take. Restrictions such as preventing an email from being forwarded are not associated with the selected confidentiality level. This can only be achieved by configuring Information Rights Management (IRM) in the Exchange mail server and in the Sharepoint server.

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