How is Facebook useful for businesses?

Does Facebook make sense for companies?

With a few exceptions, all companies have a website. Why then also social media? And does Facebook even make sense for companies? Facebook marketing for my company? We could write an entire book about it, but for now we will leave this on the basis of the following five arguments, which we will now explain briefly and concisely:

  1. Range
  2. Marketing expenses
  3. Target groups
  4. trust
  5. Website traffic

1. Range on Facebook

Facebook has nearly 2.5 billion users. Where else can you find so many contacts? Facebook is therefore an El Dorado for companies to test whether your product is popular. If your company cannot attract new customers via Facebook, then you should perhaps reconsider your business idea, firewood rental will probably not work via Facebook either.

With Facebook for companies you generate a lot of reach.

On Facebook you are standing with your product in the middle of a busy pedestrian zone. Posters, on the other hand, can often only be found in lonely alleys and television screens are continuously losing their attractiveness.

2. What does Facebook cost Marketing?

Building a company profile on Facebook doesn't cost you a cent at first, it only costs you your time. Of course, you can pay a graphic designer to create a professional profile picture or cover photo, but that's not necessary. Just take pictures you have of your company and that will be enough for now. The key point here is that the company profile you absolutely Nothing costs until you decide to pay for ads and do active Facebook marketing.

Facebook Ads are comparatively cheap when compared to radio, TV or traditional print media. In addition, Facebook Marketing is much more customer-oriented. But you should never forget to measure your success using KPIs.

Facebook is free up to a certain level

The competition in the pedestrian zone is increasing and increasing. If you don't pay for it, you get less space. Others, who pay for your space, get more space and are therefore noticed more often.

3. Reach your target audience through Facebook

Just because Facebook has billions of users doesn't mean that everyone is just waiting for you to create a company profile with your page! You have to try to target the users who tend to like your product. Many users already have a long history on Facebook, because they have been a user for several years, a lot of data has been collected about them and their preferences. You can use that.

If you have a local business, try to target users in your area. This Facebook marketing may cost you a little more than location-independent advertising, but your followers and potential customers are addressed in a more targeted manner.

With Facebook Marketing you can target your customers in a very targeted way.

You have taken your place in the pedestrian zone for a long time. Now you have to observe whether you are in the right place or not. If you have a butcher's shop, it makes no sense to place yourself where only vegetarians come by.

4. Build brand loyalty for your company

Apart from the fact that Facebook offers a customer base to which you can sell your product, it can also help you to strengthen the brand loyalty of your customers in the long term. What does that mean? Once you pass the right content on to your followers, most of them are likely to stay loyal to you even if you make a mistake.

To buy a product, people tend to search for companies online. If your followers see that you are active with a company profile and react quickly to inquiries, they are more likely to buy from you than companies with a less active company profile.

Gain long-term trust with a Facebook company profile

The diesel scandal has clouded the mood among the population and thus among customers. But because automakers have been on the market for decades, customers continue to buy their cars from the brand that they have trusted for a very long time.

5. Increase the number of visitors to your website

If everything you do is only related to the fact that you want to generate interactions, such as likes, on a post, then you are just an entertainer, not a marketer. So start linking your posts to your website. The great thing about linked posts is that they display images of your website - free Facebook marketing via your company profile! As images attract more attention, the likelihood that a customer will click increases. The posts that link to your website should become an important part of your content strategy to fill your page with life.

With a Facebook company profile you attract customers to your website

Your butcher's shop is in the country, but you hold up a sign of it in the pedestrian zone. One or the other will also find out about your shop in this way. But with the company profile on Facebook you are holding the sign right under your nose.

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