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Maintenance of gas grills

Care and maintenance of gas grills

It's so easy to enjoy your Weber grill for years to come
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it just takes some maintenance. We tell you how:

Weber gas grills are extremely easy to keep clean. Take the time to do a few things regularly to enjoy the device for years to come. Follow our recommendations.

Hand tools for the gas grill fan
Always keep the following tools close to the grill for quick, easy and regular cleaning:

Brass brush (Weber grill brushes can be found in our shop)

Soap-containing, fine steel wool pillows (0 to 000 grain)

· Mild washing-up liquid

· Household sponge or dishcloth

· Small knife

· Small aluminum drip trays

After every grilling:
Clean the grill grate. Before or after grilling, simply burn out the grill chamber until there is no more smoke. Then please use a brass brush to clean the grillage. As simple as that! (Please note: cast iron grill grates need to be looked after differently.)

If necessary:
Replace the aluminum drip tray. Replacement bowls are available from your local Weber dealer. Pay attention to quality here too - only the Weber drip trays fit perfectly into the fat tray under the grill chamber in terms of shape and thickness. A regular exchange prevents hungry four-legged friends from visiting at night.

Remove smoke stains from the grill and side cooker lids. Carefully remove all traces of smoke from the grill lid with a soapy, fine steel wool cushion while applying light pressure. For the stainless steel side cooker lid, please only use warm soapy water or stainless steel cleaning agents with a sponge or dishcloth - even fine steel wool cushions would cause scratches here. Traces of smoke will appear especially on the still new device, on the transitions between the side panels and the lid and also on the thermometer holder. After grilling several times, grill and fat vapors seal the transitions and there are no more traces of smoke.

Clean the air baffles. You really don't have to dismantle the air guide rails for cleaning, when you preheat the grill at a high temperature, all the deposits on the rails burn to ash. Occasional brushing with a brass brush or wiping with a plastic or Teflon spatula are sufficient. But be careful not to scratch the enamel.

Cleaning the warming grids and the control panel. You can remove smoke stains and leftover food with the soapy, fine steel wool pillow. The same applies to grease and other stains on the control panel. Be careful not to scratch it.

Cleaning the side panels and the grill chamber. You should remove traces of grease on the outside immediately: Grease attacks the paintwork Use only mild soapy water and rinse carefully. Sharp household cleaners or household cleaners containing lemon can also destroy the paintwork.

If you want to touch up the outside color of the lid sides or the grill chamber, only use heat-resistant paints (up to 600 ° C), there are special black grill or fireplace paints in spray cans. (Please note that the paint may only be applied to the outside of the side parts and the grill chamber and under no circumstances to porcelain-enamelled surfaces.) First wash the surfaces, sand bare areas a little with fine sandpaper. Cover the porcelain-enamelled lid and only spray on the outside of the side parts of the lid surface before painting and only paint the outer sides. Do the same for the grill chamber.

Cleaning the floor funnel: Take the cold one - never the hot one! - Take out the bottom funnel and place it over a waste container. Use a spatula or flat object to carefully scrape off any leftovers through the hole in the container. For more intensive cleaning, please use warm soapy water and a fine steel wool cushion, again being careful not to scratch the surface. (NEVER line the bottom funnel with aluminum foil, it could collect grease and lead to a grease fire).

No way:
Wax or paint the lid. The surface of your grill is made of burned-in porcelain enamel. It therefore does not need to be deleted or protected. Enamel is much more durable than any coat of paint and wax would only melt in streaks on a hot grill. Only rinse off dust and dirt with warm soapy water. Done - and so easy!

Never use an oven cleaner on your gas grill. The harsh oven cleaner could attack the painted surfaces of your grill.