Are there automobile manufacturers in Turkey?

Turkey an attractive location for automobile manufacturers

21.11.2019 – 08:05

OIB - Turkish Automotive

Hamburg, Istanbul (ots)

Turkey has a high-performing, diverse and knowledge-based automotive sector that ranks 5th in Europe, 15th worldwide, and second in bus production even in Europe. At the same time, the country at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa is an important location for automobile brands from all over the world. 14 car manufacturers - including Hyundai, Fiat, Toyota, Honda, Ford, MAN, Renault, Mercedes Benz and others - produced almost 1.55 million cars in Turkey in 2018, of which around 85 percent were exported. A large part of the exports went to the EU and a significant part of them went to Germany.

Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry and Technology, is certain that Turkey's attractiveness as an industrial location will continue to increase. He would be happy if VW were to realize their plan to build a production facility in western Turkey: "Investment decisions abroad should be based on economic criteria. It is wrong to be guided by political considerations in this regard. That is why we do not conduct political ones Talks with the German government. VW will manufacture automobiles in Turkey because here, and not elsewhere, the company finds the necessary conditions for realizing its profit expectations. "

With its economic size, growing middle class and young population, Turkey is also a lucrative sales market for European automobile brands, emphasizes Baran Çelik, Chairman of the OIB, the Association of Automobile Exporters. On average, 60 percent of automobiles sold in Turkey are imports, mostly from Europe. Therefore, German entrepreneurs should not sacrifice their chances of winning to Turkish skepticism.

"I invite our German friends - entrepreneurs, media makers and decision-makers - to get their own picture of Turkey on-site," adds Çelik.

With their products, their well-trained and motivated workforce and their innovative strength, Turkish automobile manufacturers and suppliers are an important part of the European value and production chain. Alper Kanca, chairman of the largest Turkish automotive umbrella organization TAYSAD, thinks that the cooperation potential of Turkish, German and European automobile manufacturers and suppliers is far from being exhausted. He would like to see more investment by German automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the Turkish market, and he provides - in German - relevant facts: "We have an extremely business-friendly environment in Turkey: well-qualified and motivated workers and managers, low energy prices, Excellent geographical location, which facilitates access to numerous sales and raw material markets. For VW, the country will be a central stepping stone to Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. " (Alper Kanca)

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