Which functions of WhatsApp are being revised

WhatsApp: Messenger gets new archive function


WhatsApp has revised its archive function. This will be called "Read Later" in the future, but that is not the only change.

  • The WhatsApp Archive area is renamed "Read Later".
  • Chats that have been moved to the archive are no longer automatically displayed in the regular chat overview when an incoming message is received.
  • The function is still under development.

You can archive entire chat history under WhatsApp. These can then no longer be found in the chat overview. As soon as your counterpart sends a message, the archived chat is moved back into this. That will change soon.

As the blog WABetaInfo reports, the messenger will offer a modified archiving function in the future.

The archive is to be renamed "Read Later". If you "archive" the chat and your interlocutor sends a message, the chat will no longer be moved to the regular area. Instead, you will receive a banner with the information that a message has been received.

You have to know these secret WhatsApp functions
You have to know these secret WhatsApp functions

In addition, a button for the archive is now displayed at the top of the screen and no longer below your chat history. Alternatively, you can deactivate the new archive and use WhatsApp as usual.

The feature is still in development, but should be rolled out with one of the upcoming updates. Do you want to try it out in advance? Then register for the WhatsApp beta.

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