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6 online behaviors that show poor self-confidence

It is well known that there are people who spend a long day on social networks like Facebook or Instagram about how exciting, wacky or totally crazy their day was. Certainly each of us has such a candidate in his circle of friends who makes the cell phone glow because a new status message, a new emotional state or a new selfie is posted every few minutes. Pling: X and Y are sitting together in a cafe. Pling: X and Y have changed the cafe. Pling: X and Y shine with their soy milk-soaked coffees.

Needless to say, this behavior can be annoying. But there are also quite a few studies that deal with the question of what goes on in a person who sends messages about himself into the world every second.

Scary study results

The frequent posting reveals more than one is dear to one's own personality, as scientists from the Ohio State University found out. And the results, which were published in the journal "Personality and Individual Differences", are quite frightening: For example, people who constantly post selfies of themselves (and especially men) are more likely to be narcissists and even psychopaths. The more selfies, the more likely it is to be someone with a personality disorder. Sounds kind of logical too, doesn't it?

The fight for the likes and comments

People with narcissistic personality disorder usually have poor self-esteem and are neither critical nor self-confident. And the thesis of the selfie-addicted narcissist is also supported by a study by scientists from Korea University in Seoul. According to this, narcissistic people not only post significantly more pictures of themselves than the average consumer, it is also extremely important to them that they get likes and praising comments for them. Because without a "You beauty!" the selfie from the beach is only worth half as much.

6 things people who are unconfident do:

If you read it all like this (and there are several more studies on this topic), then suddenly you notice a lot of behavior by users on the Internet that exactly fit this thesis. Things that people do that often annoy us and that really only show one thing very clearly: Here someone has too little self-confidence and vies for attention, friends and likes.

Here are some things that at least strongly indicate that someone needs the attention of those around them:

1. Constant location reports: Look here, my life is so great!

At the hairdresser's, at the party, in the restaurant and, most of all, on vacation: people are constantly taking pictures and posting like crazy. Everyone knows the phenomenon: It's a magical moment right now, be it the sunset on Santorini or the opening song of your favorite band: And suddenly the sky is nothing but smartphones stretched out. Enjoying the moment is less important than preserving it and showing the world: Here I am right now. I'm having fun right now.

The self-loving professional then links all the relevant people in the picture in order to catch even more likes and approving comments.

2. Constant selfies from the sports program

I myself have a buddy who gives me stomach ache every evening because he just always, really ALWAYS, posts an "XY is here" from the gym in the evening. If you postpone your location because you are sitting on a tropical island on the beach and can hardly believe your luck: Please.

But if you have to say every time that you are having a coffee in the street café or have just been to the XY fitness studio, you shouldn't be surprised if your contributions are blocked by all friends at some point. And even those who may have more patient friends than me: That you yourself live out a certain need for recognition at the expense of your environment should also be clear.

3. Constant selfies of healthy food - or fast food

Everyone knows them too: people who first have to photograph and post every meal that is on their table. Every smoothie is shot there as if there was no tomorrow. Also very popular: people who can choose to be photographed only with extremely healthy or extremely high-calorie food.

Some to show: Look how healthy and disciplined I am. The others to show: I have a mega figure, but I DON'T pay any attention to calories at all. The latter is a very popular behavior among models and extremely thin people. In both cases, the food-posting friend seems to have to prove something to his environment. That doesn't sound like a relaxed fellow man either.

4. Constant public declarations of love

Couples who constantly have to present their love with pictures or expressions of love on social networks have obviously not understood what is intimate sphere and private life and what a social network is. You don't really have to say more about it. In any case, it doesn't sound like a healthy self-confidence.

5. Highly intellectual posts on current affairs

We all stage ourselves on social networks. Some more, some less. Everyone creates an image of himself that he can specifically create. The temptation for all narcissists is of course great. Annoying details are left out, dream images and cool statements are added. This also applies to those who consciously want to stand out from their environment by publishing completely exaggerated, highly intellectual postings.

In this way they can show their environment how incredibly smart and informed they are. And anyone who is self-respecting and wants to appear just as smart and well-read quickly likes the high-pitched statement of the apparently so clever fellow man. So all those with little self-esteem can bask in the splendor of this intellectual masterpiece.

6. More than 700 friends on Facebook

There may be, the wondrous crowd favorites that everyone just likes. And there may also be people who know a lot of people. But let's be honest: If you have 700 or more friends, you can usually only smile knowingly. Somebody here seems to have some need for recognition. You may know so many people, but no one LIKE more than 700 people and would call them real friends, right?

Most of the time, these are exactly the people with whom you had barely talked for more than five minutes at a party and who send you a friend request by return of post. And WITHOUT having understood how great it was.

Therefore: take a deep breath

So if you are annoyed about all this in social networks in the near future, you should just be clear: Most of these behaviors ultimately show one thing clearly: that someone here has a tendency to narcissism and has to polish up his hearty little ego.

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