Coyotes are adorable

Mini horse killed by a pack of coyotes!

CM - Sunny Girl, a mini horse around one meter tall, was attacked and killed by a pack of coyotes in Moyock (USA). On May 29, at least four wolves should have entered the paddock, say the owners. Based on the paw prints, it is believed that the coyotes were exceptionally large.

The next morning the pony was found dead - torn apart by teeth and claws. A large mare named Precious was also found with a gaping wound.

"It was just awful," said Chris Horton, son of owner Karen Williams. One vet said the tracks weren't from coyotes, but the family is now certain that prairie wolves were at work.

Coyotes are considered a nuisance and their population is very difficult to control. "They are very adaptable and intelligent," said Jon Schultz, a coyote hunter. He visited the Williams family land and confirmed that prairie wolves were at work.

Karen Williams kept the miniature horse for friends and family. Her little granddaughter loved riding Sunny Girl. The family knows that nothing can bring back adorable ponies, but they should all know what happened in order to save another pony from a similarly cruel fate.

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