What's my paypal email

Ebay scammer has my PayPal email address ... what can he do with it?

Hello my dear ones, I have a huge problem.

On March 30th, I bought an item worth almost € 1000 on eBay.
After the payment requested via PayPal took a little longer, the seller recommended that I simply carry out the transaction myself via PayPal.
On Tuesday April 5th, 2016 I then phoned the eBay support and immediately afterwards with the PayPal support to secure my buyer protection. Both told me it wasn't a problem, which is why I topped up my PayPal balance online from the bank account with the item price and shipping.

I wanted to send the money to the seller (I had never done it before) and even sent the money to the wrong email and then called support again to find out ...
On the phone, I also described my queasy feeling about what I had because the seller had no ratings.
He is an IT specialist but has neither PayPal nor eBay experience, I told the support.
She said it's funny:

On Thursday, April 7th the money was with the seller and therefore gone.
I pressed the wrong button on PayPal because of ignorance and privately as friends and relatives, I gave a wild stranger € 918.

EBay Support: no buyer protection because the transaction is no longer linked; please contact Paypal.
PayPal Support: no buyer protection because pressed incorrectly. Please contact eBay.

HELP!!! What can I do ??

In the meantime I am convinced that my mistake, that is, pressing the wrong transmission default, was brought about on purpose.

Help folks, I've been saving for so long ... 😰😰😭😭