What is the author of Cindrella

Cinderella Popmusical: The musical for children, parents, families


Charles Perrault


Grimm brothers

Every child knows

  • The glass shoe
  • The pumpkin turned into a carriage
  • The mice that are turned into beautiful horses.
    What you may not have known: In the original fairy tale, it is not only mice, but also rats and lizards that are transformed into horses and pull the carriage ...
  • The imperative of the times: Cinderella has to be back before midnight, because that's when the magic disappears: the carriage, horses and dress are transformed back
  • The pigeons: They help Cinderella - "the good ones into the potty, the bad ones into the croup." - Picking lentils from the ashes so that the stepmother would allow her to go to the ball. And they tell the prince that he wants to lead the wrong bride home
  • The tree: Cinderella receives a hazel twig from her father. She plants it behind the house on her mother's grave. A tree grows out of it - which is magical in and of itself, because the hazelnut is actually a shrub
Magical helpers

  • Cinderella's aunt. She is a fairy, transforms the pumpkin, the animals and conjures up a beautiful ball gown out of Cinderella's ragged smock. She also advises Cinderella to be on time
  • The tree: when Cinderella is sad, she cries at her mother's grave. Then a white bird appears in the tree, which sometimes even grants you wishes
  • Even when she is not allowed to go to the ball, even though she has read all the lenses from the ashes with the help of the pigeons, she cries there. A ball gown and matching shoes appear in the tree
The ball

  • At Charles Perrault, the Prince's Ball lasts two days
  • Only on the second evening does Cinderella lose her shoe - she has to hurry because she has forgotten the time while dancing with the prince and the first stroke of the bell announces midnight
  • The prince's ball lasts three days here - so Cinderella also has to get to the castle three times
  • Every time she escapes when the prince wants to find out her true identity. On the third evening, the prince smeared bad luck on the castle stairs. That is why the golden slipper gets stuck in Cinderella's escape
Fairytale fashion
  • Cinderella receives a beautiful dress and glass slippers
  • Cinderella requests a dress three times, and three times the dress and shoes hang in the tree, each time more splendid than before
The end


  • The prince has the whole country searched for the girl who fits the glass slipper
  • Cinderella's stepsisters try on the shoe, it doesn't fit either of them
  • But the shoe fits Cinderella and she even has the second. So it is clear: she is the girl the prince danced with
  • Now the enchanting aunt comes in and transforms Cinderella's smock into a beautiful dress
  • The stepsisters are not punished, because Cinderella forgives them: On the day of the wedding they are also married to two fine gentlemen
  • Here, too, the prince has Cinderella looked for - the golden slipper has to suit her
  • When the stepsisters don't fit in the shoe, one cuts off her big toe, the other her heel
  • Both times the prince initially believes that he has found Cinderella. But the pigeons tell him that he is wrong: "Ruckediguh, there is blood in the shoe. The shoe is too small, the right bride is still at home."
  • When Cinderella's shoe fits, the prince has finally found his princess
  • The stepsisters ‘receive their just punishment’, it says in this fairy tale