Who is Justin Bieber married to

Hailey Bieber Did she marry Justin too early?

In love, engaged, married - and at an enormous pace. Yes, Stephen Baldwin's (54) daughter Hailey (24) and singer Justin Bieber (27) were in a hurry when it came to love. The engagement on July 7, 2018 was followed shortly after by the secret wedding, which the public only found out about in November. Critical voices were not long in coming, as the two were only 24 and 21 years old at the time. Too young for the everlasting covenant of love?

Many insinuate that Hailey Bieber fell in love with Justin's money. After all, he can quickly and easily afford a million-dollar villa with a racetrack. See for yourself in the following video.

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"Incredibly Young": Hailey Bieber on her wedding to Justin

The now 24-year-old Hailey now comments: "I got married two months before I turned 22 - which is incredibly young. It sounds almost crazy when you say it out loud," she confesses in an interview with "elle." .com ". Although it sounds crazy, she doesn't regret her early wedding to Justin Bieber.

Hailey Bieber has already seen a lot at a young age

The bond of marriage may not be suitable for every young couple, but Hailey Bieber is sure: "With someone like me and Justin, it's different. We had seen so much of the world. We both had so much lived through that we knew exactly what we wanted. "

Mutual love: cuddly photos of Justin and Hailey Bieber

Hailey and Justin Bieber really seem to know what they want - and celebrate their love to the fullest. For example, the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin published numerous cuddly and cuddly photos of herself with her loved one on her lover's birthday - March 1st.

This love doesn't seem to be one-sided either, because the singer can't hide how much he is infatuated with his Hailey. Just recently, Justin Bieber posted a cute picture of himself and his wife on his Instagram channel, showing them cuddling on the couch. The mega-star writes with simple words and a heart emoji: "So much love." (in German: "So much love").