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Excellent spam protection for the University of Excellence / spam filter and eXpurgate e-mail categorization service from eleven GmbH protects 40,000 mailboxes at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin via SpamAssassin interface

Berlin (ots) -

The Free University of Berlin, one of nine German universities of excellence, secures its e-mail communication with e-mail security Made in Germany: The university protects with the use of the in-house version of the spam filter and e-mail categorization service reliably protects the e-mail accounts of its 5,000 employees and 35,000 students from spam, viruses, phishing and other malware and at the same time ensures that no important messages are falsely sorted out as spam ("Zero False Positives"). The first conclusion is consistently positive: with a detection rate of continuously over 99.5 percent and almost no false positives, the spam protection has been significantly improved. The decision in favor of the Berlin provider was made after a six-month selection process in which solutions from almost all well-known providers were tested. eXpurgate fulfilled the decision criteria of the institution, which until now only relied on the open source solutions SpamAssassin and Bogofilter, best: "eXpurgate offers an above-average spam detection rate, especially in the case of spam that is not detected by our previously used filters, such as Image spam or foreign language e-mails. In addition, false positives are almost impossible due to the process. In addition, eXpurgate could easily be integrated into our complex e-mail infrastructure via the Spamd interface and conveniently with the eXpurgate via the SpamAssassin interface previous filter programs can be combined ", says Torsten Prill, Director of the University Computing Center ZEDAT. In contrast to solutions such as SpamAssassin, eXpurgate does not require extensive maintenance or constant updates. The solution is therefore practically maintenance-free during operation. The advantages of eXpurgate lie in the unique process developed by eleven itself: eXpurgate checks e-mails for the only criterion that distinguishes all spam mails: their quality as bulk mail. eXpurgate reduces every e-mail to a few bytes of code (a kind of digital "fingerprint"), which is then compared with that of other e-mails. The more often the same or sufficiently similar email is found, the greater the probability that it is spam. The advantages over content-based filters such as SpamAssassin: The process requires minimal IT resources, offers high testing speed, ensures optimal data protection and reliably identifies image or foreign language spam. In addition, the procedure excludes false positives from individual messages. The FU managers' conclusion is correspondingly positive: "The spam detection rate, which we constantly measure, is very good and is consistently well over 99 percent. False positives are almost impossible and the spam evaluation is carried out very quickly. It is very positive Also the surprisingly low consumption of resources. In addition, the acceptance by the employees is very high, since the solution could be easily integrated into our e-mail infrastructure and can be easily configured and operated ", says Torsten Prill. eleven e-mail security made in Germany eleven is the leading e-mail security provider from Germany and offers with eXpurgate a globally unique spam filter and e-mail categorization service that reliably protects against spam and phishing e-mails, potentially dangerous Recognizes e-mails and also differentiates between individual messages and any kind of mass mail. In addition, eXpurgate offers extensive virus protection options and a powerful e-mail firewall. More than 30,000 companies use the eXpurgate service. Up to 1 billion e-mails are checked and categorized by eXpurgate every day. In addition to Internet service providers such as T-Online and freenet, customers include numerous well-known companies and associations, including the BMW Group, the Association of German Banks, RTL, Tobit Software AG and Wall AG. More information at http://www.eleven.de.

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