Advertising is easier than marketing

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What are the benefits of Print and online marketing? What are the goals of the various forms of marketing and which one is best for me and my target group? Since the Internet has become more and more part of our everyday life, many have been promoting the triumph of online marketing and the decline of print advertising, but is that really worthwhile, when is which strategy and can the two forms be combined?

Online marketing - the triumphant advance of the internet

Our world is becoming more and more digital and the Internet has become an integral part of our everyday life. This is where online advertising comes in, because it is placed on the platforms on which we stay all day, see social media channels, search engines, shopping platforms, online magazines and so on. In addition to banners and web advertisements, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing are the main activities.

Advantages of online marketing

In online marketing, you can use Google AdWords to place online ads based on specific keywords. This enables target group-specific distribution because the ad only appears to users who are also looking for the product in question. With Google AdWords, costs can also be planned well and the campaign can also be designed for low advertising budgets.

In addition to the SEM, advertising can also be distributed via social media channels. In addition to the ads that you can place on Facebook, for example, native advertising strategies are also available.

If you use social media marketing cleverly and, at best, still use the viral distribution of the content, you can carry out an effective campaign even with a small budget. This makes online marketing particularly interesting for startups and young companies.

Online marketing is measurable. The range, number of clicks, etc. can be measured using a wide variety of tools. This gives direct conclusions about the success or failure of a campaign. If the numbers are incorrect, the advertisers can react immediately and optimize and adapt the campaign.

Cons of Online Marketing

Internet users see tons of banners, advertisements and advertising content every day, so that they are already very jaded, if not annoyed, by the online advertising. Many now even use ad blockers that make the ads disappear completely.

The spread of online advertising varies. With the Google AdWord ads, there is almost no variation at all, since the customers are already interested in the specific keyword. Working with AdWords is target group-specific, but there are almost no random conversions. When it comes to advertising on social media platforms, things are different again, as native ads in particular are often seen when browsing on the pin board.

Print advertising is not dead

Due to the immense popularity of the Internet, the end of print advertising was already prophesied. However, many advertisers are still convinced of the effectiveness of print advertising. The argument of haptics, which is completely omitted in online advertising, is used again and again. By stimulating more than one sense, the message is better remembered because printed paper can not only be looked at, but also felt and smelled.

Advantages of print advertising

In addition to the sensual perceptibility of print advertising, there are a few other arguments in favor of print. A printed advertisement or brochure is much more durable than on the web, because it cannot simply be pushed away and in the best case scenario it is kept, carried or found again by potential customers.

And because of the feel of flyers and the like, people spend much longer with the advertising product. Also, many, and especially the older target group, consider print media of all kinds to be more reliable and trustworthy, because what is printed once is fixed. Ads and Co. cannot be changed afterwards.

Disadvantages of print advertising

Of course, there are some downsides here too. The price, in particular, is a common reason to refrain from printed advertising. If you order a print product you often pay many times more than if you place an advertisement online. In addition, there is the low flexibility. What has been printed once cannot be changed.

Offers cannot be changed and errors cannot be ironed out afterwards. What creates trust on the one hand is more of a disadvantage for advertisers. In addition, it is more difficult to reach an exact target group with print advertising. Flyers are often sent by post or given to passers-by.

The recipients are therefore more likely to be random and the spread is particularly high. It is difficult to even measure how many people the advertising reaches and how it affects customers' purchasing decisions.

Crossmedia Marketing: Use the advantages of both

Depending on the intentions of a company, the various forms of marketing have advantages and disadvantages. If you only have a small budget available, online advertising is a good option. If the target group is more regional and less tech-savvy, print advertising is a good alternative.

You don't actually have to choose one of the two forms at all, but can also combine them in the sense of cross-media marketing. Print and online advertising can be used in addition to address a wider range of target groups. But there is also the possibility of integrating digital and print mutually by referring to the other.

For example, customers can be directed to online sites using QR codes, catalogs and other print products can be ordered on online portals, the possibilities are unlimited and so as many advertising channels as possible can be used.