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USA - State of Louisiana
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Flag of Louisiana

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The Flag of the US state of Louisiana was introduced in 1912.


The flag shows a white pelican and its three cubs in a nest below it on a blue background. The parent animal spreads its wings over the nest and nourishes the young with its blood, symbolized by three red drops on its left breast.

Under the nest is a white banner with the state's motto in blue:

"Union Justice and Confidence"

"Unity, Justice and Confidence"

The pelican is a Christian symbol of the self-sacrifice of Jesus of Nazareth. In Thomas Aquinas it says in Adoro te submissive:

"Like the pelican you died, Jesus mine"

Also, it is one of the nicknames of the state of Louisiana "Pelican State" (Pelican State).

Previous flags

Unofficial flag dated January 1861

CSA flag dated February 1861


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