What makes a poor leader

On Saturday (June 6th) Neil Young published a letter on his website "Neil Young Archives Times-Contrarian" in which he spoke out in favor of the "Black Lives Matter" movement and clearly against US President Donald Trump.

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In times of Corona, racist murders and protests against police violence and intolerance, the former young told his fans that he would now feel the change.

One for all and all for one

“Even if it could get a lot worse with the pandemic, I think we can all learn together. Some of us will get sick, especially those who protested, their families, those of us who care and care. We know that black lives are important, ”wrote Young over the weekend about the current state of emergency in the USA.

“My thoughts are with all of our affected black families, all black families in American history. I feel like we're all about to change something. All together, all (skin) colors on the street. We know our mission is the right one for America and humanity. "

"This unfortunate man is not going to destroy the American dream"

On the other hand, Young was not so encouraging of Donald Trump: “Although I believe that our President is responsible for much of this unrest we are feeling today, since he has stoked the flames and tried to pit us against each other for his political reasons I am grateful that we all stand for what we believe, and I believe that we will be a better country for that, ”wrote the 74-year-old.

Editor's recommendation

Eventually it became clear to Young, “In the end, he's just a poor leader building walls around our home. I believe he will soon be powerless and I wish him the best in his next life. This unfortunate man is not going to destroy the American dream. "