What is conscription 1

Military and community service

1) Conscription (Section 10 of the Defense Act)

All male Austrian citizens who have reached the age of 17 and have not yet reached the age of 51 are liable for military service. There is an obligation to perform basic military service up to the age of 35.

For officers, NCOs and certain special forces, compulsory military service ends at the end of the year in which they turn 65.

2) Duty to report (Section 18 of the Defense Act): Conscripts are generally to be submitted to the position in the calendar year in which they reach the age of 18. Employees who are permanently abroad MUST report to the competent Austrian representative authority (embassy or consulate general) as soon as possible after their 17th birthday. ) An official medical examination is not carried out abroad.

If the person in question moves to Austria later (change of residence), he has himself within three weeks to report to the military command responsible for his place of residence.

3) Obligations to report in the event of a stay abroad (Section 11 of the Defense Act):

Conscripts who move their stay abroad for longer than six months must report this immediately to the responsible military command. In addition, these conscripts have to report their respective place of residence abroad immediately to the Austrian representation authority responsible for this location, which must transmit these reports to the Vienna Military Command. The conscript must report to the responsible military command within three weeks that he or she is relocated to Germany. These reporting obligations do not exist if the permanent unsuitability has been determined or the conscript is already a member of the reserve.

Additional information: can be found on the website of the Austrian Armed Forces.