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Become a callboy? We look forward to receiving your application!

Become a callboy? You don't become a callboy just like that. The Men’s Company has been dealing intensively, professionally and around the clock with the question of what women really want when it comes to men since 2009.

In the meantime, The Men’s Company has developed into the largest and best-known high-class escort agency for male escort in Europe and is at the same time the only agency on an international level that has its own team of heterosexual premium call boys in various countries. We have built up an excellent reputation and are getting a lot of media attention, as you can see on our website under "Media" and on our YouTube channel.

The reviews of our customers as well as our ratings in the search engines speak for themselves. The Men’s Company does not make false promises and does not offer seriously interested men expensive advertisements or profiles, courses or certificates, etc. for a fee, but is a dynamic company without blah. This means that the bookings actually take place with us.

The job of the callboy

The callboy profession has a magical attraction for many men. That is the reason why there are always companies and people who want to make a profit and offer interested men expensive advertisements and profiles, information events, DVDs as well as courses and certificates against payment. Often wrong information is given about working as an escort and promises that are far too rosy are made. This is a very big nuisance and a waste of money for these men. The Men’s Company expressly distances itself from such providers of paid advertisements, profiles, courses and training.

Working as a callboy

The callboy's work always includes the willingness to have intimate contact with the customer. It is a fairy tale that as a callboy you are also allowed to go to events, to the theater or to dinner dates with the customer on a regular basis. Good and neat conversation, on the other hand, is very important and indispensable. Our customers are usually attractive women and couples from all walks of life. Of course, we will give you more information about what to expect at a later date.

Callboy training and coaching

Callboy training and coaching sounds nice, but it is relative. You cannot learn to be a callboy. You either have the basic properties or you don't. Every year we receive tens of thousands of applications from men in Germany and neighboring countries who want to work as call boys. We process and evaluate all applications seriously and carefully. This enormous investment of time pays off, however, in the form of a comprehensive offer with only the very best callboys, who ensure almost 100% satisfied customers! This intensive and time-consuming recruitment and selection process clearly sets us apart from the other providers on the market.

The application process

If your application is of interest to us, we will invite you to a non-binding and personal interview. In this interview we would like to find out who you are and what your skills are. When we finally offer you a profile, you will not incur any costs. We'll tell you in detail everything you need to know. Only then do we offer you free coaching while working as a callboy. Since you work independently and with all the freedom you need (freelancer), there are no business obligations for either the escort agency or you as a callboy. Our cooperation lasts as long as both sides wish.

Your application as a callboy

Your application as a callboy is very easy and completely non-binding. If you are seriously interested and believe that you have the required qualities and properties, we cordially invite you to send your application by e-mail to [email protected].

Note: You cannot submit your application, photos, etc. via Whatsapp.

Note: After submitting your written application, please refrain from inquiries about the status queries by telephone - we only ask you to contact us by email!

We will be happy to provide you with further information after we have received your written application.

We need the following information from you: name, address and telephone number, age, height, weight, marital status, place of residence, education (s), current occupation, any relevant experience (s) and the reason for your application. Please enclose at least five meaningful photos of you with your application - without sunglasses, hat or cap. Both your face and your entire body must be clearly visible in the photos. The photos don't need to be professional. Nude photos are also not required. The file size should preferably be between 200 KB and 2 MB per photo.

We will process and evaluate your application seriously and carefully. You will receive our informative answer with tips and advice. In the further course there may be a personal conversation among other things. There is no charge for a profile on our website.

We look forward to receiving your application! Team TMC.