Why does Amway have a bad rap

What do you think of Amway?

Training in network marketing

1.) Those who learn a trade normally invest three full years or even more. Those who study can count themselves lucky if there are no expensive tuition fees. So why not learn and educate yourself here too ???

2.) Management seminars cost € 2000 upwards for a weekend, mind you excl. VAT! 155 € including VAT is really not much.

Structural sales

1.) Hardly anyone is annoyed about supermarkets or online shops like Amazon. There are only a few here who make the big bucks. These are the most blatant pyramid schemes: Many employees at the minimum wage and one family earns the billions.

2.) At Amway everyone has at least the opportunity to get a permanent discount of 30% or more. Next time, ask in the nearest grocery store if they'll give you that too.

3.) Everyone does network marketing without even knowing it: When was the last time you recommended something to someone? A good book, a movie, restaurant, doctor, treatment, cosmetic product, driving school, ... We constantly recommend. But have you ever got a share in sales? You can be happy if you get a one-time bonus a la friendship promotion.

In network marketing you will receive a lifelong share in sales and with Amway even after death. Thus it is possible to inherit monthly income! We are awesome !!!

Amway versus Amway business partners

1.) Amway has NEVER sent a message with the following content: "You haven't reached your target this month. Please buy goods worth ..."! Some business partners are those who spread such bullshit. But outsiders think that is how it should be when you register with Amway.