Are there Catholic country singers

Johnny Cash, the American country singer wanted to record a record in a prison. That was at the end of the 1960s.

The record company employees and its managers were not at all enthusiastic about it. Because there has never been anything like it. And nobody knows whether it will serve Cash's career if he sings his album there among criminals. One of those in attendance said, “Johnny, your fans are mostly Christians. Pious people. They don't want you to appear in front of a bunch of criminals. "Then Johnny Cash replies:" Well ... ..then they are not Christians! "

This is a scene from the film "Walk-the line", the biography of Johnny Cash. Every time I watch the film, I get goose bumps at this point. Because Johnny Cash is right: the person to whom Christians refer has finally shown the same way: Jesus Christ sought contact with those who were on the margins of society and with whom no one wanted to have anything to do with. And so he had dinner with tax collectors and talked to sinners. He took care of the adulteress and people with infectious diseases. Jesus went to the sick, cutthroats, deceivers and criminals. He visited them at home, talked, ate and drank with them and showed them that God will not leave you alone.

Johnny Cash took Jesus as an example. He by no means glossed over the actions of the prisoners, as some critics accused him at the time. He knew very well that the inmates had done bad things and that they were rightly in prison for doing so. But in this place of punishment and retribution, he wanted to open a glimmer of hope. Detainees should learn that despite the crimes they have committed, they have reason to hope. For forgiveness. If not from humans, then from God. Because God is there especially for those who have no one else.

By the way, Johnny Cash was serious. He recorded his live album in Folsom Prison. With great success. The music magazine Rolling Stone counts the record among the 100 best records of all time. Probably also because of the unusual location.