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Kabuto Yakushi(Kabuto = helmet, Yakushi = short form for Buddhist healing god) is the only assistant to Orochimaru he can trust. Kabuto has the official rank of genin, but is in reality at least as strong as a jonin, as he can even cause trouble for elite shinobi like Kakashi Hatake and Tsunade. Originally, Kabuto comes from Konohagakure, but became a Nukenin when he joined Orochimaru and thus Otogakure. After the end of the fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto, who has returned to the good and is now aware of his true identity, returns to Konohagakure to continue the legacy of their deceased "mother" with his "brother".


His loyalty is the cornerstone of his character, but even Orochimaru did not know for a long time whether this loyalty to him was just an act. He can be very friendly, but he is sneaky, ruthless and mean like no other. Kabuto also knows exactly what to say in order to provoke certain reactions from people. He can analyze the weaknesses of his enemies and use them against them in order to take advantage of them. His intelligence has to be very high, as he plans many of his moves in advance, but Kabuto also tends to underestimate some of his opponents, which can cause him a defeat, but which he can then retreat in time. In Naruto Gaiden his character seems to have improved for the better. The expression on his face has now become much friendlier - no insidious grin, but an honest smile. Also, he is now ready to take care of others and is no longer only concerned with himself. He shows compassion for the orphans who suffered the same fate as he once did.


A battle took place a few years before the series began. In the aftermath, a child was found by the enemy of children in the orphanage and taken into it. That boy was Kabuto. He couldn't remember his name or his parents - and so the orphanage became his family and a helmet (Kabuto) to his name. Since Kabuto's eyesight was poor, Nonou Yakushi gave him her glasses, which from then on belonged to his most valuable possession. However, when Danzou and two of his subordinates blackmail the orphanage, which is in need of money, Kabuto joins the ANBU-Ne so that Konoha can continue to pay money. From then on, Kabuto matures into one of the best spies in the village and infiltrates every other village in order to get information. When one day he was attacked during a mission in Iwagakure, he seriously injured his attacker - only to discover that it was his "mother", the woman who took him in at the orphanage. When he tries to save her, she doesn't recognize him because the Anbu-Ne brainwashed her. Kabuto lets Nonou die and wonders who he actually is. Orochimaru then takes him in and promises to protect him from Danzou as long as he is his loyal subordinate.
Kabuto also worked for Akatsuki as a spy and subordinate of Sasori. But not voluntarily, because he was forced to do so by a mind control. Orochimaru removed this control, which is why Kabuto betrayed Sasori and Akatsuki.


The Chunin selection test

When he first appeared in the series, he pretended to be on Naruto's side, even telling the Konoha Genin about the strengths of individual participants during the Chunin selection test with the help of his ninja information cards. There he is also attacked by the team led by Dosu Kinuta, as he makes derogatory comments about Otogakure. However, he only says this so that he can remain inconspicuous in his role as a spy. A little later he reveals himself to Naruto as a member of Orochimaru and his "right hand". Kabuto has already taken the Chunin exam seven times to scout out Konohagakure and gather information about the participants. Each time he had given up in the final round to be able to participate again. This time he is in a genin group with Yoroi Akadou and Misumi Tsurugi, who, like himself, are spies of Orochimaru. In the forest of death, where the second part of the test takes place, he meets Team 7 again and accompanies them to the Chunin Tower, where the end of this test is supposed to be. Before they reach it, they are drawn into a fight, which they can end victoriously. After the forest of death has been conquered, elimination fights take place because too many Genin have survived the second test. Kabuto gives up and takes care of the actual plan. This plans to attack Konoha with the help of Oto- and Suna-Nins. As the finals take place, Kabuto, who disguised himself as an ANBU unit, puts the audience to sleep with a gene jutsu. Shortly thereafter, Konoha is attacked, and Sandaime Hokage is involved in an argument with Orochimaru, in which he loses his life.

The search for Tsunade

After the attack on Konoha fails and Orochimaru can no longer use his arms due to the jutsu of the third Hokage, Kabuto and his master set out to find Tsunade, one of the three legendary Sannin. This should ensure that Orochimaru is healed again, as she has enormous knowledge and incredible skills in the field of healing. When the two meet Tsunade and her companion Shizune, they make her an offer. Which means that Tsunade, for healing Orochimaru, is allowed to see her little brother and her lover again with the help of Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei and then they would stay by her side. When the cooling off period expired after a few days, because Naruto and Jiraiya were looking for Tsunade, since she was supposed to take up the office of the new Hokage, the battle of the Sannin took place. Jiraiya got wind of Orochimaru's offer. But before the actual fight between the three should take place, Kabuto went up against Tsunade, where it turned out that, through his knowledge of human anatomy, he himself could keep up with her. In addition, he recognized Tsunade's weakness again, namely that she had a phobia against blood due to her past and took advantage of this again without hesitation. After the battle between the Sannin ends, Orochimaru and Kabuto withdraw and Tsunade becomes Hokage in Konoha.

Kidnapping Sasuke

So that Orochimaru can execute his arms and thus finger signals again, he sends the Sound-Four off, they should lead Sasuke to him. He needs this as his new body. As the project threatens to fail because Konoha has sent a rescue team to bring Sasuke back, Kimimaro, a subordinate of Orochimaru, is sent out. However, this is very weakened by an illness. He himself was the dream object of his master for a long time and therefore does everything for him to bring him Sasuke. Shortly before Kimimaro left Otogakure to fulfill his mission, Kabuto was responsible for keeping him alive for as long as possible, using a wide range of medical devices and equipment. Despite his enormous knowledge, Kabuto did not succeed in healing Kimimaro, but he was able to ensure that Kimimaro was almost victorious in his last fight. Kabuto also made sure that Orochimaru gets an evasive body, as Sasuke does not show up in the hiding place in time.

The meeting with Sasori

When Team Kakashi went to meet the spy Sasoris, who had information about Orochimaru, at Tenchi Bridge, they discovered it was Kabuto. This acted as if he were still Sasori's subordinate. He actually wanted to finish him off, but he was already dead. There was a little argument between him and Naruto, which ended with Naruto turning into the four-tailed form and a fight with Orochimaru taking place. After the fight, Kabuto flees with Orochimaru and the apparently defected Sai. When Team Kakashi turned up in Orochimaru's hiding place, Kabuto tried to finish them off, but was captured in the end, but later escaped again with Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Orochimaru's genes

When Naruto, Yamato and Hinata are looking for Sasuke, they meet Kabuto at the edge of the forest. After Orochimaru's death, Kabuto implanted some of Orochimaru's genes into his body. He tells Naruto that he wants to find a new me and become much stronger than Orochimaru. However, the cells have already taken over a third of his body (left arm and left half of his face), as he himself says, which is also confirmed by Hinatas Byakugan. He also gives Naruto a book on Akatsuki and he says that he wants to kill Sasuke as his first target, since he killed Orochimaru and that he will kill Naruto as a second target. But he only wants to do this when he has taken control of the genes.

Fourth Shinobi World War

During Naruto's training on Myoubokuzan and Pain's attack on Konoha, Anko Mitarashi, Sai, and Yamato were looking for Kabuto. Danzou also sent some of his ANBU-Ne to find Kabuto before Anko, as he has information about connections between him and Orochimaru. Anko's group tracking Kabuto finds the bodies of some Takigakure shinobi who were killed by Kabuto. Anko thinks Kabuto is becoming more and more like Orochimaru. Meanwhile, Kabuto meets Tobi and uses Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei. He lets Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori and Itachi Uchiha appear in front of Tobi. Kabuto says he used this jutsu just to show Tobi his strength in order to ally with him. After Tobi asks what would happen if he said no, he conjures up another body to which Tobi reacts in surprise and finally agrees. It was the revived Madara Uchiha who convinced Tobi.

During the war, Kabuto controlled several shinobi at the same time, thus supporting Tobi's Zetsu army. Although some Alliance shinobi are looking for him, he cannot be found - except by Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha, who start a fight against him. After a while, Itachi manages to lock Kabuto in the Izanami and thus to find the only weak point of the Edo Tensei. Within this jutsu, Itachi orders Kabuto to dissolve Edo Tensei and so Kabuto is no longer part of the war. He can break free from jutsu by accepting his fate and no longer trying to be someone he is not. He heals Sasuke from his worst wounds and later, like the rest of the world, is seized by Mugen Tsukuyomi. Kabuto is grateful to Itachi for helping him accept his true self.

Naruto Gaiden

Kabuto has meanwhile found his home in Konohagakure and seems to enjoy the trust of the Hokage, because he has been entrusted with the management of the Konoha orphanage. Together with his colleague Urushi, he records the many Shin clones in the home, but worries about the problem of naming them all. But he doesn’t show anything, he greets you warmly in your new home and encourages you not to be shy.

Techniques and special skills

Kabuto is a dangerous shinobi due to his techniques, especially in close combat he should not be underestimated. With his chakra knife it is possible for him to cause internal injuries, e.g. by cutting through arteries, in the opponent. For long-range combat he mainly uses corpses that he keeps in a scroll and then lets them fight for himself by controlling them with the help of his chakra, which is transferred into their hearts, whereby they then obey his commands for a while. Furthermore, Kabuto can put the opponent into a sleep-like state with a gene jutsu and is also able to heal not only others but also himself very quickly. Later he even used the kuchiyose: Edo Tensei, which until then only Orochimaru and the inventor Tobirama Senju had mastered.
In addition, Kabuto has at Ryuuchidou under Hakuja Sennin, the "Sages of the White Snakes", trains and masters the Sennin Moodo. In addition, he has acquired the regenerative abilities of the Uzumaki clan from Karin, the ability of the Hoozuki clan to transform into a liquid from Suigetsu Hoozuki, as well as the ability of Juugo's clan to absorb the Sen chakra, or similar techniques to theirs Foundations created.


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